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DataXylo to Exhibit at eTail West and Forrester Tech Mixer

DataXylo to Exhibit at eTail West and Forrester Tech Mixer

Cambridge, MA – February 21, 2017 – DataXylo, an award-winning AI-powered customer analytics platform, has announced its participation in eTail West and Forrester Tech Mixer, both to be held the last week of February.   Powered by machine learning, the DataXylo platform enables retail and high tech marketing ops teams to leverage all their customer […]

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DataXylo’s co-founder and CEO, Abhi Yadav, Quoted in an American Banker Article

DataXylo’s co-founder and CEO, Abhi Yadav was quoted in American Bankers article “Can AI make banks as good as Amazon at knowing customers?”   The article discusses that “Banks struggle with customer analytics. They have a lot of data, but they also have old databases, fiefdoms that don’t want to share customer data with one […]

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The Magic of Customer Data: How It Can Transform Your Business

Customer Data

This article, written by DataXylo teammate and CMO, Jeff Whitney, was just published on CMSWire. is a popular web magazine published by Simpler Media Group, Inc. Their daily updates keep tech experts in the know about Customer Experience Management, Digital Marketing, Social Business and Enterprise Information Management.   Founded by Brice Dunwoodie in […]

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Four Experts Articles on How AI Will Drive the Future of Retail

4 Experts Articles on How AI Will Drive the Future of Retail

We’ve seen an ever-increasing flow of great AI-oriented blog posts in support of omni-channel retail customer interactions. We’ve selected four excellent posts for this roundup and provided commentary on each.   1. Five Retail Tech Trends that Emerged at the ‘Big Show’ If NRF 2017 is any indication, the retail space is facing a massive […]

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NRF Takeaways—AI to Rescue the Customer Experience

NRF 2017 Takeaways

From Jan 15-17 in New York City, over 30,000 attendees, analysts, journalists, and other thought-leaders gathered to attend NRF’s Big Show 2017, the largest retail technology event of the year.   Each year, this show is the perfect venue for retailers to discuss the latest trends in the industry, and the technology providers large and […]

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Most Common Data Challenges in Marketing Operations

Data Challenges in Marketing Operations

Marketing strategies are constantly evolving towards one-to-one engagement as offering personalized customer experience has proven to be quite effective in nurturing targeted customers. Hence, large brands are making huge investments in improving the functional efficiency of their marketing operations. With the vast amount of data being collected from many channels, it is a genuine obligation […]

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5 Top Marketing Trends That Will Drive Retail in 2017

Retail Marketing trends

As 2017 dawns, we have listed 5 of the top trends we see that will have an impact on the Retail Market as they look to navigating the months ahead and deepen their understanding of their customers. To help our retailers understand the trends which will impact the retail market in 2017, we have listed […]

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Data Intelligence for Improved Customer-Centric Marketing is Rising in Sentiment

Data Intelligence for Customer Centric Marketing

Adobe shared its Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing focusing on the trends and sentiment in the marketing industry of 2016.   Within this briefing, the drive to improve the customer experience takes center stage. Although they report that this has been a top priority over the last three years, the importance of this continues to grow […]

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Why AI is Crucial to Drive Omnichannel Customer Intelligence

Why AI is crucial to drive omni-channel customer intelligence

Only with AI can you process the vast amounts of data in a timely and continuous fashion to produce quality data to be analyzed. And only with AI can the 100s of thousands or millions of variables associated with customers be processed and personalized intelligence generated for each customer.

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Marketing Budgets Rise Again as Marketing’s Mandate Broadens

Marketing Budgets

According to a hot off the press Gartner Group study, marketing budgets continue to rise, growing from 11 percent of company revenue in 2015, to 12 percent in 2016.

The findings pulled from Gartner’s “2016-2017 Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Spend Survey” reflects marketing’s amazingly rapid metamorphosis from what was primarily a promotional role to a one that now often serves as the growth engine for the business.

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