Cognitive Customer Intelligence with
a 360 degree view

Marketing thrives on Innovation and experimentation. While a single piece of information about each customer is insightful, it limits the effectiveness of the data to build day to day marketing campaigns or impactful analytics that a multiple-sourced view might have.

Innovative campaigns rely on insightful data streams which can remain live, being updated continuously so as to improve the quality as new data keeps coming in. Our agile yet cognitive solution, helps in automating the data and decision cycle towards effective omni-channel marketing automation.


Today’s marketers are faced with mounting pressure to create compelling experiences to attract, engage and retain customers.

According to a recent Right Now survey, 86% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for a better customer experience from brands. Alarmingly, 89% of customers left to go do business with a competitor after a poor experience with a brand.

Creating a superior customer experience requires a deep understanding of the customer, which is difficult with today’s quickly changing buying preferences and disconnected interactions from multiple devices and digital channels.

All these interactions are creating massive quantities of data that come from:

  • • Digital campaigns
  • • Offline campaigns
  • • Social channels
  • • CRM systems
  • • Unconnected databases
  • • Siloed marketing departments

Marketers today are faced with the daunting challenge of navigating this fragmented data to gain actionable insights, deliver a better customer experience, and increase sales and retention.


DataXylo solves this challenge by collecting and transforming data into actionable customer intelligence that answers today’s most pressing marketing questions:

  • • What is my data telling me right now?
  • • How can I increase customer transactions?
  • • Which prospects are likely to buy now?
  • • How can I get a connected view of customers across channels, devices and interactions?
  • • How can I predict at-risk customers?
  • • How can I track & increase customer’s lifetime value?

Our solution, the DataXylo CI Cloud, is your own private data cloud with built in analytical solutions that help marketers extract clear, immediate insights from their data, all delivered via a dynamic, customizable dashboard and available on any device.

The Customer Intelligence Cloud packs a lot of power, providing actionable insights into customer data, such as

  • • Ready-to-buy customers
  • • Segments of ready-to-buy customers
  • • Customer journey across devices and channels
  • • Complete customer profiles
  • • Activities occurring offline
  • • Buying patterns across channels and devices
  • • Most frequent path to purchase
  • • Which customers are at risk

This vital customer information is waiting in your data. DataXylo enables you to unlock the power and set your data free.

In particular, CI Cloud offers the following:

360-Degree Customer View
Integrate multiple data sources together to create a complete view across each customer through each touch points, along with their preference, behavior & social demographics. Gain powerful, unique insights about your customer while leveraging data from inside and outside of the company.

Omni-Channel Marketing
Engage your customer directly within their preferred communication channels through real-time personalization. Enhance your brand experience with cohesive communication across multiple channels.

CRM Analytics
Leverage your internal prospect and customer data by quickly running analytical models on the fly. Improve campaign performance in real time, and draw deeper insights with assured returns on campaigns.

Move on from traditional List Purchase to end-to-end Data Management. Our Data-as-a-Service offers continuous and updated intelligent Big Data on an ongoing basis. Amplify your Customer Information Management by leveraging Big Data beyond your internal customer data.

Customer Life-cycle management solution
Manage the complete customer journey with an end-to-end integrated solution that covers data management, discovery, predictive analytics, loyalty, and communication. Platforms work in sync to automate customer engagement across all stages of the funnel including acquisition, up-sell, retention and loyalty.