Solutions to democratize customer data

Our bottom-up approach to customer intelligence yields concrete & accelerated results.

In today’s market, businesses must increasingly understand the needs of their customers to stay competitive and differentiate themselves. Due to this, analytics has become a key investment area across virtually every industry. In fact, Gartner notes that more than $44 billion was invested by organizations seeking improved analytics in 2014 alone. Yet most still can’t process 90% of their collected data, which leaves key statistics and insights scattered in silos and data pools.

The truth is data curation, cleansing & continuous enrichment is often far more challenging than the subsequent analytics work. Pulling together huge volumes of internal data and third party lists while then combing them for value and then segmenting categories for review is an enormous undertaking. Fortunately, our platform takes care of all the heavy lifting. It enables your business and marketing organizations to access and run various innovative data products and experiments to dramatically increase revenue and campaign successes.

Because specific applications of big data and analytics vary dramatically from user to user, we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop custom, cutting-edge solutions.

We encourage you to write us with specific business challenges or ways you’re looking to increase cross/up-sell revenue while doing personalization, retention, and predictive marketing.